The excellence of made in Italy: cooking and design

Giunti Editore’s passion and experience in the field of cooking and design combine in this manual edited by experts like Alberto Capatti, Aldo Colonetti and Valentina Auricchio. Both cooking and design have been recently the focus of international attention and have also become cult “made in Italy” objects. Excellence in these fields developed thanks to constant attention to quality, originality and beauty. Just like the former title Design in Italy, this volume has three different sections, complete with a rich photo gallery: everyday locations, the object atlas, the contest. Everyday locations can be restaurants but also private homes, bars, fast food outlets. The objects are traditional tools that have evolved into modern tools that combine beauty and efficiency. The context is the rich culinary tradition that is often represented in cinema and commercials and that is loved and emulated all around the world.

Alberto Capatti is a food historian, expert on food traditions and dean of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

Aldo Colonetti is a philosopher of design and architecture, he manages the IED (European Design Institute) and is editor in chief of the magazine Ottagono.

Valentina Auricchio is a young design manager, she is a lecturer at the Polytechnic of Milan and manages IED’s Design Research Center. She has worked in Australia, Brazil, Chile, and India.

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