• Imprint: Giunti
  • Series: Repertori Design
  • Pages: 128 in colour
  • Size: 14,5 x 19,5 cm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Price: 8,90 €
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Each title focuses on an element of design, and showcases some of the most important design pieces in this genre for the home. Each presents an accurate selection of the major and most affordable international design objects which are described with both technical and historical information using classic utilitarian graphics: symbols, colors, materials, features, and price.

Chairs - P. Bergamasco
How can one choose from the huge production of design chairs? What are the criteria one should take into consideration before deciding on a piece? This volume answers those questions by presenting an accurate selection of design chairs, from those that have become icons to the latest models. They all have in common the following: strong technological innovation, and they are still produced and distributed on the market. A practical, reliable and very readable guide that even divulges construction materials, and uses short information sheets combined with rich artwork.

Porzia Bergamasco works with design and architecture as a combination of social and cultural phenomena. She uses her investigation for research projects for companies also for editorial initiatives. She also scouts for design events and writes articles for design magazines.

Lights - V. Croci
Function first: desk lamps, wall lamps, suspended lamps, night lamps. This is how the over one hundred styles and designs in this volume are divided: a precise arrangement resulting in a practical guide that will help the reader to choose the proper illumination. The illustrated information sheets describe the characteristics and history of each object.

Valentina Croci is a contributor to many design and architecture magazines. Often a speaker at conferences and workshops around Italy and abroad, she develops editorial projects for companies and has a keen interest in the history of industrial heritage.


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