Florence: Walking Through Food and Culture

What better way to get to know a city - its soul, its true identity - than to join up with a “native”; a person who was born there and loves it deeply? With the true spirit of a guide, well-known chef-philosopher Fabio Picchi, accompanies readers on spellbound and spellbinding tours around Florence, telling stories of places, people, shops, monuments, squares, museums, backstreets, tripe sellers, coffee shops. In his make-believe style, the author introduces the ten spots that make Florence irresistible to a Florentine and the ten spots that make it irresistible to those who are not. These lists result in a most genuine Florence that goes beyond famous tourist routes. Picking up memories and Emotions, Picchi explains the many clichés about the city, the view that the world has of its inhabitants, as he chronicles the old shops and people who can still be found Today. And in his role of chef, he weaves many recipes into his tales (about 40, including seasonal and traditional recipes) choosing to talk about them freely, avoiding the canonical ingredient method form. The result is a book that is an ensemble
of experience: a sentimental tour guide, memoir, recipe book.

Fabio Picchi, Florentine through and through, opened his own restaurant, the renowned Cibrèo, in 1979, in the heart of the city. Over the years, he expanded with Caffè Cibrèo and the Cibreino e il Teatro del Sale (the only place in Italy where it is possible to enjoy a delicious pasta dish followed by a brilliant theatrical show), which he founded with his wife, wellknown Florentine actress Maria Cassi. He continues to live between the kitchens, his restaurants and the stage, covering a primary role in city culture. A familiar face to Italians, thanks to his numerous television appearances, he is no stranger to foreign audiences: indeed his restaurants are named in main International tourist and enogastronomic guides.

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