The book is used by design students and it shows, thanks to many ideas on the different industrial areas (from food to furniture, from home appliances to fashion), how creativity applied to design can make packaging marked by beauty, functionality and eco-friendliness. A bilingual (Italian and English) reference work dedicated to industrial packaging design, Packed in Italy combines design of eco-friendly packaging and a series of suggestions to create industrial packaging designed during university research carried out by the authors of the volume. 

Elisabetta Cianfanelli is a product and fashion design researcher specializing in Italian productions; she also works with the P. Spadolini Department of Technology, Architecture and Design in Florence.

Gabriele Goretti, a design researcher at the University of Florence where he teaches a workshop in Advanced Product Design, is particularly keen on researching the link between design sociology and the manufacturing process.

Roberta Baccolini is an architect, interior designer and researcher at the University of
Florence where she specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable product and fashion design

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