In 1964, by Decree of the Italian President of the Republic Giunti was entrusted with the task of the editing and facsimile reproduction of all the Codices and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.

  • Imprint: Giunti
  • Series: Leonardo
  • Pages: 128/144/192 in colour
  • Size: 22,3 x 26,5 cm
  • Binding: Softcover with flaps
  • Price: 14,00/24,00 €
  • Text length: about 40.000 words
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The amazing collection (998 hand-numbered facsimile reproductions for each codex) is known as the National Edition of the Manuscripts and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Giunti has become one of the most important publishers of Leonardo’s work with world famous authors and many illustrated books

Leonardo. Art and science
Curiosity was constant in Leonardo’s entire life; like a devouring fever, this curiosity leads him, through the years, to concern himself with in an uninterrupted stream of research, study and experiments.
Astronomy and architecture, anatomy and machines of war and, naturally, painting. This unique synthesis of art, science and technology is the subject of this volume, which restores all of the complexity to a figure-symbol of the Italian Renaissance.

Leonardo’s machines - D. Laurenza, M. Taddei, E. Zanon
Does Leonardo conceal a secret? A great many instead: we only have to look into the pages of his Codices, at the thousands of drawings of machines contained in those pages. For the first time the work of two designers with a passion for virtual worlds and for Leonardo has made it possible to reconstruct on the computer three-dimensional graphics of the machines on which Leonardo lavished his labour and his genius. Thanks to digital re-elaboration, the descriptions and drawings enable us to see armoured vessels, winches, and all sorts of machines designed for flight, for warfare, for work of all kinds and for hydraulics.

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  1. Leonardo. Art And Science
  2. Leonardo’s Machines
  3. Leonardo. Mathematics
  4. Leonardo. The Machines
  5. Leonardo. On Flight
  6. Leonardo's Anatomy

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