The show opening on 15 April 2015 at Palazzo Reale, in conjunction with the inauguration of EXPO 2015, is the largest exhibition devoted to Leonardo da Vinci ever devised in Italy.

Leonardo: l'arte del disegno -  Carlo Pedretti

This volume collects the most beautiful paintings and drawings created by Leonardo, in an attempt to answer the question: how was beauty defined by a master and genius such as Leonardo? The representation of the beauty of Nature is expressed for Leonardo by painting and drawing, according to two fundamental categories: landscape and portrait. The drawings, which often are as good as paintings, were sometimes simple sketches, executed with a quick but confident hand, or real finished works destined to leave an everlasting mark on the history of art.

Carlo Pedretti, professor of art history at the Univeristy of California in Los Angeles, chai in Leonardo studies at UCLA, is director of the center for Leonardo Studies founded by Armand Hammes at the same university. Member of the ministerial committee for the National Edition of Leonardo da Vinci’s Manuscripts and Drawings, he has been awarded several honours, amongst which the Gold Medal for Culture of the President od the Italian Republic, in addition, the “Congressional Citation”, the highest honour conferred by the United States government.

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