• Imprint: Giunti
  • Series: Atlanti illustrati arte
  • Pages: 288 in colour
  • Size: 22,3 x 26,5 cm
  • Binding: Softcover witch flaps
  • Price: 28,00 €
  • Text length: about 120.000/156.000/ 90.000/116.000 words
  • In the mood of:

Understanding Art - M.C. Prette, A. De Giorgis
A book that teaches the language of art, its manner of communication and symbology. Learn all the secrets of painting, sculpture, architecture, cartoons and photography. From Nefertari’s tomb to Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, from the Parthenon to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, from Michelangelo’s David to Boccioni’s Man Walking: masterpieces from all ages which, over the centuries have left indelible marks on an ever changing world.

Understanding Architecture - M. Busagli
The first comprehensive book on architecture of all ages and from all countries, which traces the history of humankind through exceptional images of the most famous and significant works. The concept of space, the study of proportion, territorial planning, town planning, types of building and styles. From Medieval architects to Renzo Piano and Frank Owen Gehry, each represented with a brief biography and a list of his most important projects.

Understanding Design - A. Branzi
Why do objects have the shape they have? How does the search for the balance between functionality and aesthetics originate? What are the cult-objects of present-day design? A manual of worldwide design, from its origins up to the present day. With splendid illustrations, refined graphics and brilliant text. A history and a set of clear and accurate analyses of industrial design: a means for understanding, investigating and broadening one’s knowledge.

Understanding Archeology - AA.VV
The sensational discoveries made in the last century are recounted by leading experts, accompanied by splendid illustrations, reconstructive drawings and site maps, in this work that covers the new dimension of archaeology which is now part of a broad chronological span that extends to all continents.

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