• Imprint: Giunti
  • Pages: 192 in colour
  • Size: 22,3 x 26,5 cm
  • Binding: Hardcover with jacket
  • Price: 25,00 €
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Appetising gifts - Sigrid Verbert
A collection of ideas and delicious homemade gifts, starting from the assumption that any small “thought”, when self-made with care and attention, is more precious.
The book is divided into 9 chapters, each one devoted to a specific theme in order to cover all the occasions when such an appetising gift could be useful: from an invitation for tea to a Christmas dinner, to a summer barbecue to a little gift which will cheer up a celiac disease sufferer, and for those who are on a diet or are vegetarians. More than 100 recipes, illustrated with photos advice and suggestions for packaging one’s appetising small gifts. Dishes are prepared in an original, but never complex or inaccessible manner.

Sigrid Verbert is Belgian, she has been living in Italy for seven years. Her curiosity about cooking and her healthy obsession for photographs has led Sigrid to change her job, changing from being a journalist to a photographer.

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