Exclusive locations and author's cuisine

The best of Italian author’s cuisine, stretching from Piedmont to Sicily. Over seventy renowned restaurants introduce themselves with an original and impressive recipe prepared exclusively for this publication. Among the “authors” we find the likes of Gualtiero Marchesi, Alfonso ed Ernesto Iaccarino, Ciccio Sultano, Santini, Romito, Pinchiorri, Aimo e Nadia, Cedroni. There is also Claudio Sadler, newly appointed president of the exclusive organization “Le Soste”, that collects the best of modern Italian cuisine. Sadler coordinated this project and commissioned each recipe to finally create a perfectly balanced menu.

"Le Soste" is an Association of restaurant owners that aims at valorizing and spreading Italian gastronomic culture all over the world. The group was born in 1982 when a some friends, all owners of high quality restaurants, met for dinner. Brought together by Gualtiero Marchesi, they were inspired by the model of the great Gastronomic Associations, such as Traditions et Qualité and Relais Gourmands. The basic idea of this first group of restaurant owners was to meet periodically in order to exchange ideas and projects relevant to Italian high cuisine. In that way, they could let their clients know which restaurants shared their ideals of gastronomical culture, pleasures of the table, hospitality, kindness and elegance, which they considered the foundations of their work. Year after year, the number of restaurants increased greatly, both in Italy and abroad. Therefore, this year, “Le Soste” offers a selection of 75 restaurants located as follows:
• 62 in Italy
• 2 in Germany
• 1 in Luxemburg
• 1 in Monaco
• 6 in Switzerland
• 1 in the United States

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