The tastes of your vegetable garden
A book to discover traditional recipes, and all the ingredients we used to grow in our garden. Vegetables are the starts of this volume that will teach you how to use our healthy allies in the kitchen for tasty, traditional dishes.
This book is divided into eleven sections displaying eleven vegetable types, complete with an introduction on growing technique, seasonability and preservation, along with the most popular recipes that can be made using that specific variety. The last part features aromatic herbs and their use in the kitchen, from simple teas to liquors.

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  1. Pasta
  2. Fish
  3. Cocktails
  4. Cakes
  5. Ethnic Cuisine
  6. Microwaves
  7. Chocolate Recipes
  8. All Italian Wines
  9. Fast Cuisine
  10. Bread and Pizza
  11. Tomato
  12. Wish to cook
  13. Flavours from Vegetabile Garden

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