• Imprint: Giunti
  • Series: Manuali
  • Pages: 288 in colour
  • Size: 19,3 x 19,3 cm
  • Binding: Softcover with flaps
  • Price: 17,50 €
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The Sommelier’s manual - Giuseppe Vaccarini
The accurate descriptions of wine tasting phases are the core of the manual, followed by recommendations on food and wine pairing, guidelines for choosing the appropriate glass for different wines or on decanting techniques as well as serving suggestions, which are all indispensable to enhance the chosen wine.

Food and wine pairing - Giuseppe Vaccarini
The book opens with a dialogue between the author and Gualtiero Marchesi, two masters who meditate on the meaning of food matchings, going to the root of flavours and tastes. It is a useful tool for both experts and foodlovers. The basic principles for food and wine pairing are described briefly but clearly, as always based on perfect harmonies or stimulating contrasts, on flavours and textures. Matching the right wines with the main foods: from vegetables to cheese, from meat to fish, ending with desserts... An interpretation of Italian and foreign recipes, with the best wine pairings.
Giuseppe Vaccarini, a professional sommelier since 1972, was elected as The Best Sommelier in the World in 1978, and was chairman of AIS (the Italian Association of Sommeliers). His interest in teaching and disseminating knowledge on wine has been refined by years of activity as a teacher at the University of Piacenza.

The Barman’s handbook - Gabriella Baiguera, Umberto Caselli
Created thanks to the excellent teamwork of widely acclaimed experts with a wealth of expertise and indisputable prestige, the Barman’s Handbook reveals all the secrets of the art of mixing drinks, right from the origins of cocktail making to today’s American-style drinks. A comprehensive handbook which explains the characteristics of a wide range of distillates, liquors, wines, drinks and syrups. It also includes an amazing assortment of 110 cocktail recipes: from 66 timeless ‘’world’-famous’ ones codified by IBA (International Bartender Association) to new trendy ones, ‘’frozen’’ ones or punches, to an array of famous soft drinks. The interviews with some of today’s best barmen, both Italian and foreigners, sheds light on a profession which requires skill, a touch of inquisitiveness and a perfect sense of balance for managing delicate relations between the two sides of the bar counter.

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