An hilarious comedy about a Camorra family in today's Naples

Meet the Espositos -P. Imperatore

Following Roberto Saviano’s international best-seller, here is a new way to fight camorra: with a good laugh! The rione Sanità - the same area where Totò, the most popular Neapolitan comedian, was born - is one of Naples’ most fascinating and mysterious neighbourhoods. Tonino Esposito and his extended family live here. He is the son of a late camorra boss, so he receives a monthly allowance and could live on a private income. Instead, he stubbornly tries to follow on his father’s footsteps, without success. Because he is clumsy, nerdy, tricky and cannot stand up for himself: he is a tragicomic decadent anti-hero who is up to all sorts of tricks amid nightmares, visions, naïve and clumsy things. An hilarious mix that combines 'The Simpsons' with 'The Sopranos', an enjoyable but also cruel look at the Naples of today, a city of a thousand contradictions and problems but that never loses hope for the future.

It’s New Year Eve at the Espositos and everything is ready for the traditional dinner. The family is gathered around the table: Tonino Esposito, unemployed offspring of a late camorra boss; Patrizia (Patty) Scognamiglio, wife and housewife with a generous breast and an authoritative character; Tina, the oldest sibling, the intellectual of the family and Genny, the youngest son and mama’s boy. Everything's fine between succulent dishes and illegal fireworks until an unexpected call comes to upset Tonino’s mood. Don Pietro, the local boss, needs to speak to him, now.

Pino Imperatore, was born in Milan in 1961 to emigrant Neapolitan parents. He
currently works in Naples as a journalist. He is an expert on humorous fiction and short stories. Meet the Espositos is his first book for Giunti Editore.

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