All you need to know about vegetable gardens, orchards, gardens cultivating organic fruit and vegetables

  • Imprint: Giunti Demetra
  • Series: Pollice verde
  • Author: AA.VV
  • Photos: 128 in colour
  • Size: 14,5 x 19,4 cm
  • Binding: Softcover with flaps
  • Price: 6,90 €
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Gardening, a healthy and relaxing passion. For those who have green fingers and for those who are convinced that they do not have them, to help them take care of a large garden or even a small plant with the same love and, above all, achieving the same success, this series of books provides precious advice.

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  1. S.O.S for plants
  2. Organic cultivation
  3. The vegetable patch of herbal and medicinal plants
  4. Vine cultivation
  5. Projects, techniques and tending your garden in a perfect manner
  6. Garden flowers
  7. Designing, planting and taking care of lawns
  8. Green fingers
  9. Lunar calendar for seed planting and garden work
  10. Grafting plants
  11. Grafting and reproduction techniques
  12. Natural parasiticidal treatments
  13. Cultivating orchids
  14. A handbook on composting, organic fertilisation
  15. Organic vegetable gardens and orchards
  16. All you need to know about pruning and grafting
  17. Cultivating your garden in a healthy and natural manner
  18. Cultivating a vegetable garden on your balcony
  19. Mplants
  20. Succulent plants
  21. Cultivating bonsais
  22. Handbook on vegetable gardens
  23. A garden on your balcony or terrace
  24. Growing roses
  25. A comprehensive guide to organic protection methods
  26. Garden flowers
  27. Indoor plants
  28. Cultivating olive trees and using olives
  29. Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Camellias and other Acidofile plants

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