Children at the table - Gianfranco Trapani
A new edition of a great best-seller that gives a clear, in-depth picture of infant nutrition. An essential guide for pediatricians and new parents alike to understand infants’ nutrition needs and avoid those familiar “fights” at the table that often characterize the first years of every new family.

100 recipes for babies - Giuseppe Sangiorgi Cellini, Annamaria Toti
100 recipes created to solve any doubts on healthy and appropriate nutrition for one’s children from weaning to infancy. Divided into age groups, the recipes will accompany children until they are nine years old and they represent an excellent handbook for parents. The book also contains information on dietary recommendations, an analysis of raw-food diets, questionnaires to evaluate the nutritional behaviour of children and provides useful tables on the composition of food and growth curves.

Giuseppe Sangiorgi Cellini and Annamaria Toti, nutritionists and gourmets, have published a series of successful books with Giunti which combine healthy nutrition and good food: Recipe Book for People suffering from Diabetes and Hyperglycemia, High Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels, The Mediterranean Diet.

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