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  • Series: Atlanti ill. Storia
  • Pages: 240/288 in colour
  • Size: 22,3 x 26,5 cm
  • Binding: Softcover witch flaps
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  • Text length: about 115.000 words
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An illustrated history of steel edged weapons - S. Matteoni, U. Barlozzetti
From prehistory to the modern era. Knives and penetrating weapons which have characterized the history of people and empires. The utensils used by our prehistoric ancestors to defend themselves and hunt evolved over the centuries into formidable and, often, sophisticated weapons, which became the protagonists of the destiny of a population or of an empire. The advent of firearms revolutionized clashes on the battle field, but all the armies of the modern era continue to be linked to knives, the symbol par excellence characterizing thousands of years of wars and conquests.

Firearms - N. Labanca
This book completes the book Illustrated History of Steel-edged Weapons and focuses on the specific subject of firearms. The author illustrates the appearance of firearms, from their “discovery” to their uncontested success and the consequences: from the military revolution of the modern age to the technological one; from a world balance achieved through the fear of nuclear bomb to star wars and the future combat soldier of the 21st century. A richly illustrated book, featuring also technical drawings of weapons that have been produced with scientific precision.

Battles - P. Can
The 100 biggest battles of the history, from Qadesh to the fall of Bagdad. The author reconstructed a balanced, historical, international panorama, giving a somewhat greater importance to the battles that have occurred in the last three thousand years up to the present day. The 100 battles are dealt with in chronological order.

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