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  • Imprint: Giunti
  • Series: Varia / Atl. illustrati medi
  • Pages: 288 b-w / 240 in colour
  • Size: 21 x 29,7 / 19,3 x 19,3 cm
  • Binding: Flexibound / Paperback with flaps
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Dad is super - A. Oliverio Ferraris
What is a father for? How important it is in the family and in the upbringing of a child? A father can be strict, dominating, scared or lost. Despite what public opinion thinks, today many fathers try to exercise the right of an active role both in the traditional family, but also in case of separation. Clear, complete, packed with useful advice, this book guides fathers who want to play an active part in their children’s life from birth to adolescence, and want to do it in the best of ways, especially during the hardest periods like puberty and the teenage years, when changes, demands and challenges can make every parent feel inadequate.

How to be a good father - A. Oliverio Ferraris
A practical manual, but at the same time a book to be read in order to dispel preconceived notions and find oneself in a role as fascinating as it is frightening. The fluid text dedicated to the more psychological part is extremely pleasant reading, complete as it is with tongue-in-cheek inserts that play down the whole affair; film, flowers, sedative, mobile, etc., in contrast to more serious and introspective text.

 Anna Oliverio Ferraris is a psychologist, psychotherapist and author of many scientific essays and articles dealing with communication issues in various contexts, from the relationship with TV and new media to the dynamics of identity in modern society. She directs the review “Psicologia contemporanea”.

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