This new series, directed by Paolo Meazzini, proposes titles on popular psychology. The aim is to make available to readers, who lack a grasp of notions on psychology, a series of self-help tools to overcome strong personal or familiar malaises which are caused by widespread problems of bullying, shyness, eating disorders, hyperactivity, children’s fears. The target of the series is above all parents, teachers and individuals, who are part of the working world, but the general public will also find a lot of useful information.

Paolo Meazzini currently teaches at the University of Venice. He has been a visiting professor at the University of the Hawaii, the University of Minnesota and the University of Oregon. He is the director of Psicologia e Scuola and of HD. Psicologia pedagogia dell’handicap e delle disabilià d’apprendimento. He has written several books and is part of the editorial committee of a number of Italian and foreign magazines.

    Already published

  1. No longer shy
  2. How to overcome insomnia
  3. Overcoming children’s fears
  4. Understanding and developing your brain
  5. The anger of Achilles
  6. The syndrome of the little terror
  7. How to be a parent

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