Raising Children

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Barefoot in the Grass - Anna Oliverio Ferraris, Albertina Oliverio
The life of children today does not suit their needs. It is too sedentary, isolated and hectic. The chaotic life in the city caused the disappearance of nature and green areas, where children once used to meet up and organize their games and free time. “City children” rarely go to school on their own, or go outside and play: they often stay at home in front of the TV or the play station. Until when can we pretend that this is a healthy way for them to grow up? As the authors of this book demonstrate, playing outside is key to a healthy physical and psychological development of a child. Therefore it is more and more important that we plan our cities differently. A book that is extremely relevant today, a book against indifference, and incivility.

Anna Oliverio Ferraris is professor of Developmental Psychology at La Sapienza University in Rome. She wrote several bestsellers like The psychological needs of children (Giunti, 2005) and Who manipulates your mind? (Giunti 2010).

Albertine Oliverio is professor of Philosphy of Science at the Gabriele D’Annunzio University of Chieti. She obtained her dectorate from the Sorbonne University in Paris, and worked in Paris, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Emotional Dictionary: Child/Adult - Adult/Child - Masal Pas Bagdadi
A guide to interpret your child’s behaviour.
We all know that an affectionate relationship with our child is at the heart of bringing up a stable adult. There are many books on early childhood but they rarely explain how to interpret your child’s behaviour, understand their need for affection, and establish a relationship based on trust and love. When is a child’s cry a request for affection and not a whim? How does our anxiety affect our child’s development? How can we teach respect and self-confidence? Find out with the over three hundred words contained in this dictionary.

Masal Pas Bagdadi is a psychotherapist and writer living in Milan.

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