Everything was a mystery until it was discovered!

  • Imprint: Giunti Junior
  • Series: Voyager
  • Pages: 128 in colour
  • Size: 15,5 x 22,5 cm
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Price: 8,50 €
  • Age: 8 and up
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An intriguing series for kids and adults, entirely dedicated to mystery. Striking graphics and scientifically accurate texts draw readers into an extraordinary experience turning them into real explorers. Page after page, the voyage unfurls through facts and figures, information sheets and indications for those who want to visit the places described. Everything was a mystery until it was discovered! You’ll fly to the edge of things known to man; just hop aboard the spaceship Voyager!

Life On Other Planets - C. Di Cianni
Are we alone in the universe? Are we the result of a fortunate chance event, the laws of physics or of God’s plan? We don’t have precise answers to these questions. We don’t know if there are other inhabited worlds in the universe. We’ll start from the ancient past to look for the origins of life on our planet, and we’ll explore the future, looking for other inhabited planets. We will discover what our ancestors thought about aliens and UFOs and we'll will learn about the claims of those who say they have been abducted. 

    Already published

  1. The Pyramids: Mystery & Fact
  2. Da Vinci, the Great Genius
  3. Knights Templar: The Legend
  4. UFO: Truth or Lie?
  5. Easter Island
  6. Monsters & Imaginary Creatures
  7. Dracula
  8. Crop Circles
  9. The Seven Marvels
  10. The Chrystal Skulls
  11. Atlantis: A Lost World
  12. Witches, Wizards & Shamans
  13. Prophecies
  14. 2012: The Journey Continues
  15. Life On Other Planets
  16. To be published

  17. Ghosts
  18. Sphinx
  19. Stars and Stones
  20. The Holy Shroud
  21. Lost Treasures
  22. Nazca & Ica: Mystery Lines & Stones
  23. Miracles and Oracles
  24. The Powers of the Mind
  25. The Ark of the Covenant & Other Relics
  26. Amazing Legends and Stories

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