How to recognise hidden manipulators and gain freedom of thought.

Who manipulates your mind? Old and new persuaders. How to recognise them and defend yourself from them.
Hidden persuaders and master manipulators study collective psychology to keep it under control and to exploit it, influencing the behaviour of the masses. In the age of global communiation, they have a vast corpus of knowledge in the social-physcological field and sophisticated, pervasive technologies. The interventions of these experts on individuals, groups, communities and the masses are of a scientific and systematic nature. To convince and conquer you they do not have to resort to the authoritarian methods used in the past, to threats or violence; their weapons are seduction, persuasion and insinuation. The book shows you how to recognise hidden manipulators and gain freedom of thought.

Since 1980, Anna Oliverio Ferraris has been a Professor of Developmental Phsychology at the Università Sapienza in Rome. She is a psychologist, psychotherapist and author of many scientific essays and articles dealing with, amongst other things, communication issues in various contexts, from the relationship with TV and new media to the dynamics of identity in modern society. She directs the review “Psicologia contemporanea”.

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