• Imprint: Demetra
  • Series: Gli imperdibili
  • Pages: 192 in colour
  • Size: 12x16,5 cm
  • Binding: Flexibound
  • Price: 9,90 €
  • In the mood of:

Horse. Complete manual
A complete manual exploring all aspects of the horse riding world: from breeds to care and breeding, from riding techniques to training and exercises for the rider. A book not for horse riding lovers alone.

Dog. Complete manual
How do dogs behave? How should they be taken care of? How do we feed, train and pet them? From psychological and behavioral aspects to practical information, this volume explains everything you need to know to raise a dog from when it’s a puppy.  

Handbook on the acquarium
In the first part, readers will find useful advice on choosing an acquarium and how to fit it out, giving importance to the type of water, environment one wishes to create as well as how to care and do maintenance work on it. A detailed description follows on the world and characteristics of fish and plants that can populate our acquarium. Lastly, there is a detailed analysis of the various types of acquariums, focusing in particular on those which are most suitable for people who have just started keeping an acquarium.

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  3. Horse
  4. Acquarium
  5. Fishing

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