• Imprint: De Vecchi
  • Series: Animali
  • Pages: 160/288/192 in colour
  • Size: 14,5 x 19,5/15,5x15 cm
  • Binding: Flexibound / Paperback with flaps / Hardcover
  • Price: 14,50/12,50/14,90 €
  • In the mood of:

Communicate with your dog - V. Peyrani e V.Rossi
A psychologist and a dog expert outline an innovative method to communicate with your dog. Starting with the mechanisms that regulate the animal’s social life, the book teaches to develop behaviour, posture and voice tones that help you interact successfully with your dog avoiding the most common mistakes. The dog’s behaviour is here described and explained, highlighting the correct reaction one should have in order to keep every situation under control. Great relevance is given to the mediation signs that can be recognized within the canine communication method, and that men can use intentionally to communicate successfully with the dog.

100 ideas to play with your dog - A. La Spina
Playtime is an important stage in the relationship between dog and men because, despite the time there is available, it is a chance to create a strong and direct bond. Therefore playing with your dog not only can it mean a pleasant amusing time, but can turn into a useful chance for many reasons: to understand better your dog’s behavior, to educate your dog without it resembling constraining, to identify and correct that behavior that can turn into bad habits, to strengthen its positive aspects. The book is richly illustrated with pictures and drawings that explain games you can play indoors and outdoors.

The language of cats - N. Magno
A unique best-seller that helps you understand your cat’s language, and character. A handy book dedicated to cats and their social life, to the way they interact and communicate with their own kind and with human beings. From the different types of meows – one expressing happiness, others communicating protest or request – to olfactory communication, body language, posture, and the movements of the tail. Finally, a whole section dedicated to pet therapy and cats’ relationship with children.


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