• Imprint: Giunti
  • Series: Atlanti scientifici Giunti
  • Pages: 128 in colour
  • Size: 15 x 21,5 cm
  • Binding: Hardbound with spiral
  • Price: 7,50 €
  • Text length: about 49.000 words
  • In the mood of:

A valulable resource for secondary school and university students alike, these informative, easy to read, pocket atlases focus on all the different branches of scientific knowledge.
Each volume introduces the story of the subject, then it provides the reader with all the basic up-to-date and precise information to fully understand it. It also features science maps, data charts, color images, glossaries, resulting in a very useful and explaining visual index.
The winning idea behind the project was to combine texts and images, so that the thematic search, and the memorising of concepts are easier, quicker, and enjoyable.

    Already published

  1. Ecology
  2. Pregnancy
  3. General Geography
  4. Immunology
  5. Anatomy
  6. Astronomy
  7. Botanics
  8. Chemistry
  9. Ethology
  10. Physics
  11. Human Physiology
  12. Genetics
  13. Histology
  14. Meteorology
  15. Microbiology
  16. Illustrated dictionary of geometry
  17. Zoology
  18. Algebra and Geometry

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