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Desk exercise - L. Ceragioli
Exercise, even mild exercise, greatly improves your condition, for instance it helps calcium absorption, it diminishes ”bad” cholesterol and increases “good” one, it prevents heart attacks and releases endorphins resulting a lasting feeling of good mood. Why don’t we all take advantage of the hours we spend at the computer, since we only need to keep a good posture or make a few subtle movements? Here is an illustrated guide that will help you choose exercises and training programs based on your personal needs. 

Fit mum - E. Barbosa, M. Taranto
A new fitness programme aimed at the well-being of new mums. This practical manual is dedicate to all mothers that have given birth from at least six week and who want to get back into shape. A fitness training that completely revolves around the relationship between a mother and a child who becomes, thanks to the help of a buggy or a pram, and integral part of the lesson. Training for new mothers doesn’t mean leaving the child alone anymore but rather, spending some time with them, maybe meeting up with other mothers and their babies.

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  1. Fitness.The comprehensive handbook
  2. Massage
  3. Glutes, abs and legs
  4. Yoga
  5. Mamma fit
  6. Postural gymnastics
  7. Stretching
  8. Desk excercise
  9. Exercising abdominal muscles

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