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All you need is passion, friendship, modesty, and a sense of responsibility. And a pair of cleats!

Soccer is Good for You - C. Prandelli
This is the story of Cesare, a boy in love with soccer (football) who followed his dream. And he succeeded, starting by playing in the streets where all players are champs. His first real field was at his local parish, and everything followed after that. His is a story like many others, the story of many young boys who are determined to chase after a soccer ball/football. He continued to play because he loved sports and soccer/football, but he never played just to succeed. With his heart in his throat after scoring a goal or winning a game, it didn’t matter that the improvised goal posts were made up of t-shirts or a pile of books. This is a story for young people that will help them understand the values that are inherent in sports and in soccer/football at a professional level, even in today’s world where many problems exist in the world of sports. From his local neighborhood field to the stadiums where the National Italian team competed, Cesare Prandelli tells us the story of his career, full of enjoyment and sacrifice in equal measure. He alternates biographical anecdotes with reflections on the game, as well as on many technical aspects: competitive plays, nutrition, training. Mr. Prandelli’s book is an excellent way to discover and understand the world of an internationally renown coach and a professional team sport at the highest level.

Cesare Prandelli was born in Orzinuovi (Brescia) on the 19th of August 1957. He began playing professionally at the age of 17. After a career playing with the top league teams in Italy he became a coach in 1993. He began his coaching career with Atalanta, moving on to Fiorentina, where he stayed for five years. In 2010 he was named Head Coach of the Italian National Team, a title he holds to this day.

Giuseppe Calabrese is a sports journalist. He has written for many years for the newspaper, ""La Repubblica, from their Florence (Italy) headquarters.

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