The Via Francigena
The Via Francigena, in the past called the Frankish Route or Via Romea, is part of a network of routes that led to the three main Christian religious destinations in the Middle Ages: Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem.
Pilgrims still walk along the Via Francigena, following the footsteps of Sigeric, the English Archbishop who in the Middle Ages left us the tales of his journey from Saint Peter’s to Canterbury, which over the centuries has become a pilgrimage done by thousands of people and which today has been revived.
In this beautiful illustrated book, together with the author, we travel along all 13 stages of the current fascinating route: from the Great Saint Bernard pass to Rome, carrying on to Otranto and, ideally, ending in Jerusalem, in the Holy Land.
The book is enriched with detailed descriptions of the main places encountered along the way, special pages featuring curiosities and in-depth analyses (for instance suggestions on the most suitable backpack to choose, panoramas that are met along the route), and a map showing all the stages of the pilgrimage.

The Pilgrim’s Route to Santiago
More or less a million steps: this is the length of the “route” for those who walk along the entire length of this historical trail. A million steps which, over almost 800 kilometers, allow the pilgrims to see vastly different and extremely interesting scenic landscapes.
The book recreates a collage of emotions and feelings, through the writings of a special pilgrim, Fabrizio Ardito, and a very striking set of pictures. From the main sites such as Roncisvalle, Pamplona, Burgos, Leòn, rich in story and monuments, to the long stretches of the route, before finally arriving in Santiago and its sanctuary.
A “book of memories” to leaf through lovingly, for those who have been to Santiago and want to add a few more memories to their original reminiscences. For those who have not been there, thanks to this book they will cherish at least a part of the route in their hearts.

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