The best on artistic, historical and architectural contents

  • Imprint: Touring Editore
  • Series: Guide verdi
  • Pages: 144-334
  • Size: 12 x 22,5 cm
  • Binding: Flexibound with pocket
  • Price: 19,50/24,50 €
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New, modern and attractive graphics. A clear, easy and handy “guide in a guide” pull-out insert adds to the usual reliability of the Green Guides and focuses on suggestions of a practical nature. You can carry it in your pocket, even in the evening, when your Green Guide remains in your room!

These guides are the symbol of the Touring Club and are market leaders. There are more than 130 titles of these guides in the catalogue and they are considered to be the most comprehensive and reliable in terms of artistic, historical and architectural contents. They offer a description of the places to visit in the finest detail, following a rigorous presentation of contents: a historical, artistic, cultural, environmental and territorial landscape overview; itineraries for visits providing descriptions of tourist sights, which are accurately verified and constantly updated; in-depth segments, interesting facts, suggestions in the form  of boxes; detailed maps; rich illustrations and a wealth of information and practical tips to help you organise your trip in the best possible way. So there’s everything, or almost everything that is interesting, unmissable and new.

The attached practical information mini-guide offers a dual advantage: you can carry it in your pocket, even when you leave the Green Guide in your room, and it is constantly updated, offering a wide selection of addresses for accommodation, eating, entertainment, shopping, relaxation, indicating different price ranges, as well as a rich array of maps and a small dictionary with useful words and phrases for everyday use.

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