Wonders of the world
From the Sistine Chapel to Lake Tanganika, from ancient Petra to the futuristic buildings in Dubai, from the Niagara Falls to the Moai of Easter Island, continent by continent, the masterpieces of man and nature are illustrated with more than 400 photographs.
It must have been a difficult feat to choose only 100 amongst the many wonders spread all over our planet: this new book proposes a fascinating selection of natural beauties, archeological treasures, ancient cities and modern works of art. 400 striking, stirring photographs; for each continent a special in-depth section devoted to the “wonders to be saved” illustrates a very beautiful and important natural environment whose existence is threatened.

A journey in underground Italy - Fabrizio Ardito
Extraordinary photographic material documenting the most spectacular man-made underground sites, which can be visited and are often totally unknown.
A real “journey to the centre of the earth” throughout the peninsula.

Below our city steeets and squares, a new form of exploration is gaining popularity, halfway between archeology and speleology: mithraeums and catacombs, acqueducts and cisterns, caves and shelters mark the hidden face of Italy. Ten well-known and ten less well-known places are narrated in a captivating style accompanied by very beautiful photographs.
This is the result of sophisticated research and persistent exploration, this new history of underground cities cannot but fascinate us. Not by chance, in cities like Naples, Siena, Rome and Orvieto an increasing number of tourists take these underground tours.

Fabrizio Ardito is a journalist and photographer. He is passionate about speleology and underground sites. He works for various Italian reviews devoted to geography and travel. On several occasions, he has collaborated with RAI (the Italian state television) and various production companies for making films and nature- and sport-focused documentaries.

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