Health Passport
A complete, accurate manual to travel the world without risking your health. In cooperation with the Italian Society of General Medicine, this book targets the whole family, from children to adults and elderly, and deals with a wide range of health topics with regard to the most visited locations around the world. It provides travellers with information on preparing for the journey and a whole section on insurances, medications, diet, emergencies, infections, practical information (temperatures, sunglasses, sunscreen).

Responsible tourism - Maurizio Davollo, Chiara Meriani
A responsible tourist is someone who is conscious about the consequences of their behaviour, and who is inspired by social and economic justice; someone who believes that a country’s human, cultural and environmental heritage must be respected and protected. Sustainable (or responsible) tourism is fast becoming a trend, with tour operators organizing journeys all around the world: a world full of exciting opportunities for you to learn and have an enriching experience.

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