Biographical novel

WOMEN AND MEN: their lives and their masterpieces

The series is intended to inform young people about history of art and the origins of the great masterpieces famous all over the world. It also aims to familiarize them with the artists, the vicissitudes of their lives and the fascinating links between them and important historic events. Thus the books in this series become novels, absorbing accounts that make the artists’ works come alive and reveal the emotions that gave birth to the great paintings, sculptures, poems of the past.

The Secret Love: Dante, Beatrice, & Gemma - Angela Nanetti, Roberto Innocenti
Dante, the great poet and author of the Divine Comedy, has reached the end of his earthly path and is talking about Beatrice to the Master of Ravenna. His words intersect other words narrating about Florence in days gone by: the young poet’s dreams, civil wars and his exile. From the voice of Gemma Donati, Dante’s wife, we discern the harshness of women’s conditions as their life was totally dedicated to their children, and their men were often far away.
An exceptional story destined to last in time; a classic story with fine illustrations by the great Roberto Innocenti. A novel combining the atmosphere of classical literature with the modern portrayal of feelings. Refined prose and slow flowing poetry, the light of the Tuscan sky in the shadow of civil war. Together, Angela Nanetti and Roberto Innocenti have created a masterpiece that everyone should read.

Angela Nanetti is one of the most loved authors amongst Italian and foreign young readers. Her books are published in more than twenty countries, she has been awarded many prizes and distinctions, amongst which the Italian Andersen Prize, the French Prix Chronos and she was included in the Ibby Honour List.
Roberto Innocenti is one of the greatest Italian illustrators. He is considered a master all over the world and for this reason he was bestowed the Andersen Award in 2008.

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  4. Beans on Olympus. Annibale Carracci

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