Fairy tales


Fables, legends and traditions all around the world

  • Imprint: Giunti Kids
  • Series: Un mondo di fiabe
  • Pages: 128
  • Size: 15,5 x 22,5 cm
  • Binding: Flexibound
  • Price: 6,90 €
  • Age: 7 and up
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A World of Fables is the series devoted to children aged 7 and over, comprising fables, legends and traditions from countries near and far. The children are transported into the magical and evocative settings of the cultures of the great peoples of the world, to discover not only the differences, but also the elements in common: values, traditions and myths.

    Already published

  1. Tales of the Indians of America
  2. Arab fairy tales
  3. India tales of enchanted
  4. Chinese fairy tales
  5. Russian fairy tales
  6. Nordic fairy tale
  7. The most beautiful fairy tales
  8. Fairy tales from around the world
  9. A world of fairy tales (best selection of stories)

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