Fantasy meets the world of pre-teens in the everyday life of five very special girls, the Vanity Ves

A new series discovers the magic of the five continents. Five girls are vestals of the doors to the world of magic that are located in the most impressive corners of our planet. Who can resist such a magical journey?

The Lake of the Four Volcanoes - M. Ferro

Ilaria, Iki, Takelin, Katu and Allison are five girls between the ages of ten and fifteen who didn’t know each other before our adventure begins. All of them live in Italy except Allison, who is visiting. Grandma Adelina gathers the girls together and tricks them into beginning their journey by sending them through the magical door in Piazza Vittorio’s gardens in Rome. Only these special girls can find the door, which is guarded by a unicorn who grants them passage to their first stop, mysterious Morocco. In Morocco, the five girls begin their search for the powerful and malicious Carboni, who knows, as was revealed to him in a prediction, that one of them will betray the others. The Ves make their way to Guatemala where Iki, the Chinese girl, is abducted. The girls search for her through lakes and up the steep slopes of volcanoes. In the end they are taken captive by Carboni himself. The truth is not what it appears to be and the secret to everything could be a salamander...

Martino Ferro was born in 1974 in Florence and now lives in Milan. In 2005 he won the Calvino prize for his first novel, The First Who Smiles, published in 2006 by Einaudi, the current publisher of his adult fiction books. Ferro has written for the cinema, the stage and television. He created the tv series I Soliti Idioti (The Usual Idiots) with Francesco Mandelli and Fabrizio Biggio, and he is the only author who doesn’t star in the show. Vanity Ves is his debut title for children.

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