Science Quiz 1-2-3 (3 titles) - Giacomo Spallacci
Did you know that a heart beats about one hundred thousand times a day, every day? And that basilisks can run on the water surface? And could you say if we ever managed to send a space probe on Mars? A whirlwind of questions and trivia divided into six colour and six sections: Woom! Burp! Grunt! Splash! Zap! Frush! to amaze yourself while discovering the universe, the human body, plants and animals, the one thousand forms of water and the flashes of genius of many inventors and explorers. Just turn on your brain, sharpen your pencil and... you’re ready to tackle Science Quiz 2!

Science On a Swing
Sixteen games divided into four different sections: see, feel, air-water, forces-balance-movement. A catapult, a glider, a parachute, a periscope, and more: a collection of games that give kids an opportunity to test the laws of science, and have some fun.

Book/Game Sets (3 titles: Cards, Games, and Battleship):

Travel Games - A. Angiolino, A. Rebori
All the ingredients to play games everywhere you are: on a trip, in a restaurant, on the beach, in the waiting room… you only need a few rules, and to feel like having fun! A survival manual for long journeys in the car, long waits for delayed trains or cancelled flights: you can turn lost minutes into great opportunities!

Playing Cards - A. Angiolino, S. Vignale
Fifteen card games, some classic and some new, as well as alternative variations and strategies. Games for adults, youngsters, and little ones. Games for all tastes and situations and number of players, from 1 to 25!

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