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More than 50 species of terrestial and sea animals which risk extinction on our planet described by Isabella and Fulco Pratesi.

Who knows how many species have become extinct since life has existed on earth: certainly a great number, and always due to natural causes, as occurred millions of years ago to dinosaurs. But for some time now another cause has been added to natural causes: man. With their lack of attention and respect for nature, human beings today contribute in various ways in endangering the permanence of species which risk becoming extinct due to senseless hunting, abuse of fertilizers and other chemical products, pollution and deforestation. This book reports on more than 50 species which are endangered by these perils; they are divided into 5 continents and oceanic areas. Each species is presented with its identity card, area in which it is found, an assessment of the real danger of extinction. And we must not think that it is only the least widespread and well known animals which run this risk: the phenomenon also involves species that may seem common and which one day perhaps we will never see again.

Fulco Pratesi: journalist, environmentalist, founder and president ofW.W.F. Italy. He was member of National Sea Defence Council and National Environment Council.

Isabella Pratesi: graduates at Università degli Studi La Sapienza, Rome. Conservation Director at W.W.F. Italy.

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