What is global warming? - A. Losacco, E. Manghi
What is climate, and what do we know about its change? After decades of research, we definitely have a better picture, although much remains unclear. We know, for instance, that climate has always changed , from one decade to the other, from one century to the other, from one millennium to the other. Why should we be concerned about the change of the past few years? Why shouldn’t change be due to a natural process, and why should we think it’s due to humans?
There are many questions that can help us understand, and that teach us those habits that could help counter global warming. The author of this book selected 101 of these questions, and provided detailed answers accompanied by stunning photos.

As round as the earth - C. Gabetti
A book that encourages young readers to make a contribution to the well being of our environment, explaining how important natural resources are for our survival and highlighting the best ways to protect them.
Thanks to engaging stories and bizarre illustrations, kids will find useful tips on how to be ecofriendly every day, along with exciting ideas and experiments to carry out in the classroom, at home or in the open.

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