100 Mysterious Locations - Cinzia Rando
Secrets from the past, odd places, monsters, witches and shamans, stories, legends and prophecies, haunted castles, UFO’s, aliens and unearthly creatures, magic cities, and mysterious gardens: these and more “scary delights”, accompanied by funny descriptions and original illustrations are included in a volume full of curiosity and secrets. They are all places that really exist and that can be visited on the five continents: from the underwater ruins in Yonaguni, Japan, to the City of the Gods in Mexico, the Hessdalen lights in Norway and the Salem witches in the US, from the ruins of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat to the existing but invisible lake in the heart of Antarctica.
A fascinating trip around globe of the 100 places for thrill lovers.

100 Places in the World to See - Elena Gatti
Monuments, cities, hangout places, natural, adventure and mysterious destinations: 100 places around the globe and their most peculiar aspects are revealed in this volume. A manual packed with photographs and texts to read and flip through, it can turn into a mini tourist guide thanks to the information boxes on each page and links to useful websites that can help you plan a journey to all of the destinations. 

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