Non fiction


Through simple but exciting daily stories, children can discover the towns, habits, traditions, food and games of the small protagonists who live in distant places. Many common elements – such as feelings, fears, sentiments, love – are juxtaposed with a host of other elements of diversity, which draw children closer and allow them to become friends also with children who live in countries that differ greatly from ours.

I’m Jack and I live in England - Lucy Claire Smith
Jack is a shy boy who lives in Buckinghamshire, England. It’s the last week of school and, like every year, there is the ‘Sport’s Day’, the day when the various classes compete against each other. He is not very good at sports and hates being in the limelight, but he grits his teeth and thinks about the outing he will do to London the following day and the holidays he will spend with his small cousin in the country. Jack thinks that they will be very boring but instead … they will turn out to be a great adventure!

My name is Tie Zhu and I live in China - Elena Bottola and Amandine Piu
Tie Zhu is 9 years old, he has four hens and an enemy. This morning he and Su, shouted bad words at each other… This is how the day began for a young boy who lives in the endless rice fields. The protagonist is little Ling Ling who, in the commotion of great Beijing, sees something that worries her. Are those mysterious shadows moving around in the park spirits? Her grandfather will dispel all her fears, revealing to Ling Ling a beautiful secret, laden with charm and serenity.

My name is Nada and I live in Morocco - Elena Bottola and Amandine Piu
Against the background of beautiful Marrakech, among carpets, spice markets and exotic landscapes, Nada leads a happy life, she has very close friend and a family that loves her, but something want wrong. The imminent arrival of a brother, the care that her mommy and daddy are devoting to preparing for this event, make the young girl sad and pensive. The adventure one night, makes her discover how life’s difficulties can be transformed into an opportunity of joy and great love.

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