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Photographers ready to click
A small, colorful manual to learn the secrets of photography. It begins with instructions on how to use a camera: flash, focus, zoom, exposure time, framing and rules to create a good composition. Your photographs do not turn out as good as you would like them to? In fact the most valuable rule is the ability to observe and see the beauty of what is around us.  

Weathermen with the head in the clouds
Shall we forecast the weather? Meteorology is more and more at the forefront of science, since it influences the most important choices for farming, water supplies, but also, “smaller” decisions suche as when to go for a weekend in the nature, whether to bring an umbrella, what to wear...

Budding gardeners
A practical handbook to learn more about seeds and plants. You can start gardening immediately with a packet of seeds, even on the desk in your room, following the instructions. You can also find precise information, on what a seed is exactly, the features of a plant and how its leaves, roots, flowers, fruit grow…

Multifaceted painters
A little art notebook for small artists, who want to discover all the secrets of colours. It teaches how to use their eyes to observe, their mind to focus on the subject they want to represent, and their hands to leave marks on different surfaces. By using the colour wheel included in the book children learn to distinguish primary, secondary and tertiary colours.

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  1. Weathermen with the head in the clouds
  2. Budding gardeners
  3. Multifaceted painters
  4. Cooks with a pinch of salt
  5. Photographers ready to click

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