From 28th December 2006 to 9th January 2007 a group of seven children and a biologist covered the most important stages of the voyage Charles Darwin made between 1831 and 1836 aboard the Beagle. This voyage allowed Darwin to make the observations that led him to develop the Theory of Evolution, which laid the foundation of modern biology.
Equipped with the tools of real explorers, seven children between seven and fourteen years old, observed vegetable, animal and sea life, carried out experiments and activities to discover evolution, and understand Darwin’s heritage.
Their extraordinary journey gave life to this series that presents reports, insights and highlights expressed by children and aimed at children.

Mini Darwin in the Amazon Forest - S. Cerrato, C. Ghigliano
In this exciting new adventure in Brazil, our explorers discovered nature and the Amazon Rainforest, the richest ecosystem in the world. On the occasion of the International Year of Biodivrsity (2010), our young adventurers decided to learn more about the animal and vegetable species populating the Earth’s Green Lungs. The book features marvellous photos by Mike Struik, illustrations by Cinzia Ghigliano, and is accompanied by a travel diary and complete information sheets on endangered species.

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  1. Mini Darwin at the Galapagos Islands: evolution told by children
  2. Mini Darwin an Adventure on Vulcanoes

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