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Law explained to children - A. Serra

How can we fight crime? In the eight chapters of this book Achille Serra talks about law enforcement, he explains how to carry out investigations and enumerates the latest, most advanced technologies to find proof and clues, he explains how to fight mafia and how to avoid public nuisance during sports/political/religious demonstrations, and also how to control drug smuggling.
Every chapter begins with one of his hands-on experiences, like finding a mafia hideout below a shower or freeing a hostage of kidnapping. With photos and illustrations the book goes deep into different aspects of these issues giving new information on tools, techniques and tricks of modern detectives.
A short, readable manual that talks about how to keep a modern country safe.

Achille Serra is a police officer and politician. He started his career in the Milano Police Department during the years of lead, a period of tensions due to right and left terrorism, and became a police commissioner and prefect in many cities in Italy, therefore he can count on a vast experience on fighting crime.

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