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A new series on the great scientific discoveries of all time. Theory and practice help us follow science from a reader’s perspective but also as a real protagonist.

 Wind, Oil and Sun - A. Vico
Whilst giving a picture of the history of energy from the discovery of fire to oil depletion and nuclear energy, the book tackles one of today’s most prominent issues: research on renewable energy sources (2012 was declared “International Year of Sustainable Energy”). What are these sources? Will we ever be able to give up fossil fuels - which damage the environment and are behind climate change - and choose clean energy instead? The book also suggests a few easy experiments that kids can do at home, like how to build an oil lamp, or switch on a light bulb by using a home-made battery, or heat up water with solar energy, build a simple eolic generator, and many more.

Viruses, Microbes and VaccinesC. Frontali
This easy to read, exciting new book narrates the development of the concept of disease and the research on viruses, microbes, infections, epidemics and contagions. The book teaches children how to carry out easy experiments like distillation, or how to grow mold and yeast or verify the effects of antibiotics and so on. A journey through the history of medicine from shaman’s primitive remedies and potions, to Hippocrates and the first doctors of the Ancient Age, until the great scientific discoveries that revolutionized our lives.

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  1. Wind, Oil and Sun
  2. Viruses, Microbes and Vaccines
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  4. From particles to the universe

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