Novels and short stories to get to know science and nature through a funny narration filled with coups de théâtre

Biology, cosmology, physics are not dry scholastic subjects any more, on the contrary, they are becoming wonderful worlds to discover.

The strange case of the X cell - L. Monaco and M.Pompili, A. Baruzzi
A funny tale where the main character is the famous X cell, which is going to uncover all the secrets regarding nucleus, DNA, cytoskeleton, mitochondria, microtubules, Golgi apparatus, enzymes and proteins. By scanning a QR code printed on the back cover with a smartphone, it will be possible to display the type of cell.

Four almost true stories - R. Denti, G. Tessaro
What is manology? What is the moon for? What planet do cats come from? Four stories that answer with humor these and other curious questions, mixing scientific notions with tales, myths and legends.

    Already published

  1. When physics talks girls talk
  2. The dream spaceship
  3. When physics miaows
  4. When physics woofs
  5. Mario, the sea dog
  6. Ian Sturio's adventuroius travels
  7. In search of the lost fruit
  8. Professor Diversity. Support diversity
  9. Martin on Mars
  10. The sky is moving. Stories of nature
  11. A star at world’s end. A chilling story
  12. The man who gave us his skeleton
  13. Bianca senzamacchia. The adventures of a cell
  14. The strange case of the X cell
  15. Four almost true stories

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