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Classical ballet. Techniques and steps - R. Baiocchi, M. Chiacchiera, C. Molinari
This book is devoted to young girls who have one great passion in life: dancing. There is a small amount of theory and a lot of practice in this manual, which follows the best-seller The Big Book on Dance. The latter showed the full spectrum of the world of dance, while Ballet, techniques and steps focuses on dance, illustrating the various sequences, and provides simple explanations on basic ballet steps.

Roberto Baiocchi, a well known dancer-choreographer, after having studied in Florence in the renowned Daria Collin school, under the guidance of Antonietta Daviso of Charvensood, honed his dancing skills at the Centre de Danse International Rosella Hightower in Cannes, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. In addition to his classical academic studies, he also trained in the modern and contemporary dance areas, and studied singing and acting.

Modern Dance - Luigi Ceragioli, Carlo Molinari
Devoted to all guys and girls that want to learn to dance.
So many movies and TV talent shows encourage youngs to that passion. A new book in the series now devoted to Modern Dance. From an historical short view, biographies of the most renowned dancers and all appropiate suggestions on clothing, dance’s schools, basic dance steps, are fully and vividly described.

Hip Hop - F. Provvedi, G. Catania, M. Chiacchiera
A handbook entirely devoted to hip hop: for dancers who wish to practise the basic steps and personally try thrilling Street Dance!

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