A problem as old as the time

Simple Act of ecology - R. Papetti and G. Zavalloni
A book filled with game suggestions, witty news, tips and food for thought to help children understand that our simple acts can change the future and make it better for everyone. Children experience involvement, awareness, and responsibility through games, and experiments to use at home or in the classroom. While learning to understand themselves, to take care of family, friends, their room or their school, kids will see how important this is for the world. Simple acts of ecology is an original volume that offers a new approach to civic-mindedness.

A history of rubbish - M. Maselli
 A funny character and his mascot dog take the reader through a journey to analyse overproduction and waste disposal from Prehistory to today. From Athen’s dumps to Rome’s Cloaca Maxima, the stench and plagues of the Middle Ages, and the air pollution caused by the first industrial revolution, then modern day non-biodegradable mountains of waste, we discover that waste management is a timeless problem that has been tackled by many civilizations overtime with the invention of clever solutions. The funny language and strips throughout the text make it easy to read for a large and diverse readership.

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