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  • Imprint: Editoriale Scienza
  • Series: Teste Toste
  • Pages: 96 in colour
  • Size: 16 x 21 cm
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Price: 11,90 €
  • Age: 9 and up
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A question of numbers - by Bruno D’Amore and Federico Taddia
What’s the biggest number in the world? What are binary numbers? Bruno D’Amore will take us for a swim in the ocean of numbers.
Buno D’Amore is a mathematician and pedagogist, and a contributor to many professional journals.

Why do volcanoes wake up? - by Mario Tozzi and Federico Taddia
Can we predict earthquakes? Is it true that mountains can grow? Why are glaciers so important? Would we get burnt if we walked over a geyser? With the help of Mario Tozzi, kids are going to learn more about the wonders of geology.
Mario Tozzi is a researcher and member of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), and also a contributor to the Italian edition of the National Geographic.

Why don’t stars fall on our head? - by Margherita Hack and Federico Taddia
Do you really think stars can fall? Get ready for some astonishing discoveries! Astronomer Margherita Hack, and Federico Taddia take us on a journey through outer space.
Margherita Hack is a renowned astronomer and former professor of astronomy at the University of Trieste.

Why are we related to chickens? - by Telmo Pievani and Federico Taddia
Would you have imagined that humans are related to pigs? There is no need to be offended: all life forms are related to each other, didn’t you know? Telmo Pievani explains the quirks and wonders of evolution.
Telmo Pievani is a professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Milan, and the author of many national and international articles.

Federico Taddia is a journalist, a television writer, and host.

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