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A great reference book, a veritable encyclopedia on outer space.

The good points of this book are its comprehensiveness, scientifically rigourous information combined with amusing, playful drawings.
An astroNOMICAL, astroNAUTICAL and astroPHILE book, designed for children who want to approach the subject as well as those who already have a smattering of understanding on the topic and have acquired a taste for it.
A journey of discovery through our universe, accompanied by Martin, a young boy with, a fine brain and boundless curiosity, who dreams of going to Mars one day, by Zioguido, who knows everything that you don’t know, by Umberto, a real astronaut, and by Andrea our writer and illustrator.
In this book, you’ll find the Big Bang and the origins of the universe, astronomers from Ptolemy to Galileo, the myriads of stars and galaxies as well as the Milky Way, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and other planets of the solar system, the telescope, but also binoculars, the earth that keeps on turning and never stops, the moon which makes us look up at the sky. You will discover when and how man landed on the moon, what artificial satellites are and their use, how spacecraft work, who lives in the space stations….
Finally, a section entirely devoted to observing the sky above, which will help you identify the planets, stars and constellations, wherever you are on earth and in any season of the year.
With hundreds of stunning NASA photographs and drawings by Andrea Valente.

Andrea Valente is an illustrator and lives close Pavia, where he draws sheep, mainly black ones and writes weird stories. His first successful drawing was a caricature of his philosophy teacher, who immediately allowed him to pass his exams so that he would get him out of his class!
His favourite words are ‘who knows’, although it’s not clear why.

Umberto Guidoni is an astronaut who bought his first telescope when he was sixteen to see the stars and to see them better he went up into outer space in a rocket twice…. He was the first European astronaut on board the International Space Station.

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