Non fiction


Nature, history, science, today’s society in a fun way!

A series with strongly interactive graphics to help readers to improve their knowledge of nature, history and today’s society, in a fun way. With the main text organically integrated by quizzes, drawings, dynamic captions, information windows, things to do, special plates; bubbly books designed to encourage weaker readers and engross those who already love the topics!

    Already published

  1. Animals
  2. Weather and seasons
  3. The green book of farms
  4. The human body
  5. Dinosaurs
  6. English
  7. Inventions and discoveries
  8. Children of the world
  9. Men and Women in history
  10. World religions
  11. The sea
  12. Stars and planets
  13. Sex Eeducation
  14. Food that is good for you and food that is bad for you

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