• Imprint: Touring Junior
  • Author: AA.VV/John Batti
  • Pages: 64 in colour/16+stickers
  • Size: 19x22,5/33x48 cm
  • Binding: Paperback/Hardcover
  • Price: 6,50/14,90 € €
  • Age: 9 and up
  • In the mood of:

Festivities and traditions of the world
Traveling is a marvelous experience. Mainly because it gives you a chance to discover and participate in the customs and festivities celebrate throughout the world which speak about tradition, habits and beliefs of different populations.
There are so many celebrations around: carnivals and traditional dances, the magic street theatre and horse, camel, reindeer races, to rituals that celebrate the creation of the world.
Learning about them allows children to understand different cultures and populations that live on our planet.

Touring Junior Atlas - John Batti
An original book in a briefcase that children can carry around: a colorful and fun way to learn geography! And who’s the guide? Joe Canine, a friendly world traveling dog that tells us his exciting adventures using rhymes and sketches.
The large illustrated maps of all continents and polar regions offer visual information on seas, mountains, cities, economic activity (farming, industry, oilfields and mineral deposits), plant and animal life, cuisine, traditional clothing, and monuments from any corner of the world.
Joe Canine quizzes the kids who will find all answers using the stickers included in the box.

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