Domenica Luciani and her mysteries

Aliens, cats and plots - by Domenica Luciani
Adam, a cunning and fearless boy, witnesses some strange phenomena, which could be related to the 2012 doomsday. Even his cat, which suddenly becomes sharply intelligent and is able to speak, seems to be involved in a plot. Of course nobody believes Adam’s crazy perceptions, except his friend and ever faithful companion Vicki. Together they start investigating, amid suspicious green rays, overagressive cats and secret files.

The mystery of the ghost city - by Domenica Luciani
Gaspare finds Bruno a real pain in the neck, and is not looking forward to the holiday he is about to go on with him. Indeed, the only reason why he has accepted Bruno’s invitation to go to his grandparents’ house with him, is his sister, the beautiful Celeste. Fat chance: Celeste is already going out with a wellbuilt kid called Axel. Gaspare, disheartened, is on the verge of getting his stuff together and leaving, when Bruno suggests they go for a trip to Budrecchio di Sopra, a village which had been destroyed several years earlier by a powerful earthquake. It’s known as the ‘Haunted town’ and as well as a reputation for bleakness, it also boasts the presence of an evil ghost. Unable to resist a horror story, Gaspare is transfixed by the view of the town and even more intrigued by the mystery hidden behind those falling-down walls. Will he solve the riddle?

In addition to writing, Domenica Luciani works as translator, lecturer, editor consultant for children’s narrative. Her books have been extensively published abroad.

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