A mysterious ship, a courageous captain... Breathe deeply: you are about to plunge into the most incredible story ever told about pirates!

Ricky Rat is a tiny mouse, but he is really big in terms of friendliness, courage and generosity. He is saved by pirates aboard The Chameleon after being kidnapped by wicked Mr. Vyperax’s gang of snakes and abandoned in the middle of the ocean on a raft.
A whirlwind of adventures starts here for Ricky along side the amazing Captain Fox, Piratto the storekeeper, and the entire crew of merry pirates of the Island of Fogs. The gallery of baddies will make your knees knock: the cruel pirate, Barabacane, who kipnapped Captain Fox’s girlfriend, the traitor, Von Lupis, and admiral Sibilla Sanke, who, at the wheel of the Imperial Anaconda chases The Chameleon across the Seven Seas. Among phantom freebooters and rocambolesque duels, mystery islands and sunken galleons, duels in the heart of the forest and getaways through the clouds, memories of the past and new secrets, Ricky discovers that there is no greater treasure than friendship. Right then, are you ready to weigh anchor?

The Great Escape
The Festival of Piracy, an event that brings together all pirates of the Seven Seas, is about to begin.
Captain Fox and his pirates are about to land on the super secret location of the meeting, but what awaits them? Everyone knows that the life of a pirate is always full of unexpected turns of events! And that includes the return of their enemies. Between a pirate with an ingrown nail and a missing tooth, and a captain on the run, Captain Fox’s latest adventure is bound to amaze you!

    Already published

  1. Pirates of the Fogs
  2. The Ghost of the Seven Seas
  3. The Underground Monster
  4. Doktor Topimort's Island
  5. The Chameleon Ship
  6. Hearts in Turmoil
  7. Message in a Bottle
  8. Tentacles Lie in Ambush!
  9. The Great Escape
  10. Pirates vs. Dinosaurs
  11. Play with Capitan Fox (activity)
  12. To be published

  13. Pirates vs. Aliens

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